Bruzzoni Bruzzoni

A Swetalian love story.


Swedes are renowned for our innovation and ability to combine design and surface with quality and safety. Nature is also part of our DNA. The calm, the deep forests, and the clear waters. These are the things I grew up with.

Another place that is close to my heart, so much so that I packed all my bags and moved there, is Milan. In this pulsating design metropolis in northern Italy, historical buildings and famous fashion houses, art galleries and exclusive boutiques share the same space – and everything is done in the name of sleek design that leaves no one untouched.

It was the contrasts between Milan and Sweden that gave birth to the idea of BRUZZONI. Similar to how the kitchen is a natural place for aesthetically pleasing and functional products, I wanted to create bathroom products that combine cutting edge technology with design that can speak for itself.

/Krister Mossberg, founder BRUZZONI


We are Krister and Jenny Mossberg and we run Bruzzoni. Our vision is to create cutting edge bathroom products that don’t just do their job; they also contribute to making the bathroom a natural place for aesthetically pleasing design.