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#5 Signing up Distributors for BRUZZONI, globally

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#5 Signing up Distributors for BRUZZONI, globally


Today we have Distributors in China (The Beast Shop), In Australia (Dane Studio) In Austria/Switzerland (Novatal) and we have signed for S. Corea and are now looking for opportunities in Japan, Africa, S. America and other parts of Asia.

We have now signed with www.business-sweden.se to help us finding Partners in US (east coast), India and Middle East (UAE). So, BRUZZONI will now expand with our electrical toothbrushes, bathroom design and new products and gifts for the bathroom. Stay with us and we will soon be in a Design shop near you….

#4 “The BRUZZONI story”

Together with the film company Linkfilm.se (Oskar and Linus) and with our Advertising Agency Brinner.se (Louise and Klas) we created a movie to tell our story and how it all started.

After a long day in the forrest and at our Office  we can proudly precent the “Our Story” movie on our website.

We hope that will give all the visitors some insights in why we do Bathroom design, Bathroom products: Better Looking!

#3 “Planning for new bathroom products”

We have now launched our first product on the market, the electrical toothbrush within the concept of The Wall Street Collection.

Our Head Industrial Designer Thomas is now planning with our factories in Hong Kong and China our next coming bathroom products at the end of 2017. We have also started up the projects of our new designed products  2018.

#1 “ready set go”

Welcome to us. We are really happy to have you here!

In this blog we will try our best to inspire you with the things close to our hearts.

We will keep you posted about the development of the brand and our team.

Many of our topics will cover our products, but not to forget the things we like – bathroom and interior design, and everything arounds it.

Welcome to the world of BRUZZONI.

Best Regards,

Krister Mossberg, CEO & Founder

Jenny Mossberg, Global Brand Manager & co-founder