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How do I charge my products?

The product will be charged by placing it on the induction charging pad. The inductive pad got a USB cable so you can connect it to the adapter which is included in your package and then to a power outlet. You can also charge it by connecting the inductive pad to a computer with the USB cable. (Illustrated below)


Why the soft brush heads?

We are currently using soft brush heads on our toothbrushes since the regular toothpaste you buy on regular stores are produced for normal brushing and not adapted to the high speed oscillation that the electric toothbrush provides. The combination of a normal toothpaste, high oscillation and brush heads that are not soft could potentially break down your enamel.


All of the products from BRUZZONI are having a 2 year warranty service. For information about the warranty and terms visit: Warranty

Can I use other brush heads with your product?

The brush heads for our electric toothbrush needs to be bought from BRUZZONI brand and can not be bought and replaced by other commercially available brush heads!


What is my delivery time?

We are currently having a 3-5 business days delivery time within EU with express delivery and 5-10 business days worldwide with free shipping. When your order has been shipped out we will send you an e-mail with your tracking ID and instructions for the tracking!

Express delivery and free delivery

The difference between express delivery and normal delivery:

Express delivery  -

Delivery time: 1-3 business days within EU and NA

We make sure that the parcel is packed and ready for delivery the same day if the order has been placed before 11:00 CET.

When you order with express delivery you will also be placed higher in the parcel queue.

Normal delivery -

Delivery time: 5-10 business days

Your order is still packed and ready for delivery as soon as we can but it is sent with a slower transportation and will be received by you within 5-10 business days.

Currently we can only offer the express delivery option within EU and NA, we are working to include more countries to the express delivery.

How do I track my parcel?

You are currently being able to track your parcel with a tracking service that direct link provides (click the following link to start tracking your parcel): Direct Link Tracking Service

Why haven't I received my tracking ID?

We are usually sending out all our tracking IDs when we get them from our storage. Sometimes the e-mail ends up in your trash/spam folder or there is a typo in the address. If you haven’t received a tracking ID within 3 days from order date please notify our customer service at info@bruzzoni.com please add your order number in the title of the e-mail.


Adapters for market

We are currently having adapters fit for US, EU, UK and AUS for our products. We will send you the one that fits the best for your country or the one you want (contact us if you want to have a certain adapter from our storage instead of the one most suited for your country).

How do I apply my coupon code?

We recommend you to use the coupon on the cart site and then proceed to checkout! See the illustrated image below for guidelines in checkout and in cart. (Press the image to get a full sized image, in a new window)



If you still have troubles with your coupon please send an email to support@bruzzoni.com

What payment methods can I choose from?

More info under Terms and Conditions – Follow this link to get to terms and conditions

The money are taken in advance for all the payments except with KLARNA FAKTURA which is only available in Sweden.

  •  Card Purchase – easy and convient!




We accept payment with Mastercard and VISA. All transcations are encrypted for your safety.

  • PayPal – International


We accept payment with PayPal checkout.

  • KLARNA Faktura – ONLY available in Sweden, Invoice, Monthly Payment or with Klarna direkt.


You pick the desired payment method at the checkout.

How do I purchase from BRUZZONI?

Either you press the “products” tab on our navigation bar or you simple click here: BRUZZONI Products

At the product page you can browse our products and pick the one you want to order. Simply add it to the cart, go to checkout, pay the order and receive it 3-5 business days after!

If you have further questions or run in to any problems simply contact our Customer Service at support@bruzzoni.com


Click the following link to get our lookbook. To get it simply save it as a pdf on your computer!

BRUZZONI Safety Manual

Click on the following link to see the BRUZZONI safety manual.

BRUZZONI Safety Manual

BRUZZONI Quality and specification

Click on the following link to see the BRUZZONI safety manual.

BRUZZONI Quality and Specification


I want to return my product

You have a 14 day right of return on unopened package, since it’s a hygiene product we can not refund you if the package seal has been broken.

To receive a return label you have to contact BRUZZONI customer service with the form on contact page or directly to info@bruzzoni.com.

The customer pays the shipping cost, waybill with the distribution. To receive a refund on a returned product we have to be able to re-sell the product and since this is a hygiene product the seal has to be intact for us to be able to refund you.

When you return the goods, you get a refund within 14 days. We follow Consumer Complaints Board’s rules when it comes to complaints, purchase and exchange right. More info under Terms and Conditions.

My product is broken

If your product has stopped working as intended you will need to notify us within 3 months of discovering the problem, please send an e-mail to support@bruzzoni.com and explain your problem and please add pictures if needed!

When we have reviewed your case we will send you a return label so you can return the product to our office so we can troubleshoot it before sending you a new one. If the fault is caused by you you will have to pay for the shipment costs and the product will be returned to the customer. If the fault is created by the mechanic in the toothbrush we will replace it with a new one.

When you case has been completed you will be notified by us.