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We all come from a totally different background. Krister a serial entrepreneur, Thomas Industrial Designer and me fashion and action sport.

When Krister came home and said “I´m going to make the most beautiful electric toothbrush that the world has seen, and I´m not just going to make it beautiful, but it´s going to be top quality” I was sceptic. “Does the world really need one more electric toothbrush?” I said (talking about being supportive).

In order to convince me and the rest of the world, Krister got help from Thomas. Using rendered images, not only an electric toothbrush but a whole series of products was designed. The beginning of BRUZZONI, The Wall Street Collection was born.

Thanks to our different competences the three of us somehow manage to create not only a concept but a world known brand. I will forever be greatful for Krister´s ability to convince the most obvious thing in the world.

2017 the year when bathroom electronics become a part of your interior design.


All the best,

Jenny Mossberg, Global Brand Manager & co-founder

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