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All prices include 25% VAT.

Current prices for products are used on the BRUZZONI website, which is updated in real-time.

BRUZZONI has the right to change the offered prices without prior notice.

The agreed upon price between BRUZZONI and the consumer is valid unless otherwise agreed. The agreed upon price can be found in the order confirmation. For products not in stock, the price on the order confirmation is valid. In case of price adjustments, the customer must approve the new price; otherwise the order will be cancelled.

Express delivery (Available only in Europe) – 90 SEK, 1-3 business days delivery time.

Free shipping – 0 SEK, 5-10 business days delivery time.

Order confirmation

After a purchase has been made, an order confirmation is sent out including information regarding your order. Such information includes price, shipping, customer details, products, and your order number.

In this e-mail, there is also a link to the Terms & Conditions, which you accepted when purchasing your product!


Visa / Mastercard / American Express

We receive the payment in advance, which means that we withdraw money immediately. We use PCI certified equipment following “3D Secure” global security. This is a standard developed by Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

SSL is the encryption used for card payments.

Payments via Paypal are made through their API, and a PayPal account is required to use this payment method. We charge you immediately when checking out.


Alipay, Apple Pay, and UniPay

Payment method

American Express
In Sweden we provide: 0 day invoice for companies after credit test.


Delivery and shipping


Shipping prices

The shipping price is displayed in the basket and is currently 90 SEK incl. VAT for shipping in EU, depending on the number of items and size of the package. The package is delivered to your closest pick up location (petrol station, postal service or similar) within 1-3 business day from the order date for express delivery and within 5-10 days when choosing free shipping.

The package will have the information you entered when you pick it up. Usually, the package will be there for about 2 weeks. However, during holidays and other similar times, the pickup place might have shorter times for picking up packages.

The shipping price for the product you are ordering is shown in the basket. The total shipping cost is never higher than the highest individual shipping cost.

Shipping options

Express delivery (Available only in Europe) – 90 SEK incl. VAT, 1-3 business days delivery time.

Free shipping – 0 SEK, 5-10 business days delivery time.

Delivery time

Delivery time depends on your chosen shipping option.

Express delivery (Available only in Europe) – 90 SEK incl. VAT, 1-3 business days delivery time.

Free shipping – 0 SEK, 5-10 business days delivery time.

Late delivery

If a delivery is delayed we will notify you via e-mail or phone. You, the customer, are always entitled to cancel an order if the delivery is delayed. Cancellation due to late delivery must be made in writing by e-mail to our customer support.

When cancelling an order, we always refund the full amount within 1-3 business days.

We will do everything in our power to fulfil your order and delivery. In case of any problems with delivery, for example if our supplier cannot fulfil their commitment in the case of for instance natural disasters, war, or strikes, we reserve the right to waive all remuneration to the customer.

Transport damage

In the case of transport damages, you are responsible for notifying us about the damage by contacting customer support. We ask you to contact customer support as soon as possible after observing the damages in order to handle the case as smoothly as possible. Thus, it is important that you carefully inspect all products, both exterior and interior, immediately after receiving them. Note that you cannot use the damaged product and you must keep the product’s packaging to ensure that the entire package and product can be inspected by us when handling your case.

If you find any transport damages, please contact our support via e-mail at:

Please take pictures of the transport damages and attach them to the e-mail when contacting our customer support.

Establishing an agreement

BRUZZONI does not enter into agreements with minors (under 18 years old) without permission from a legal guardian. BRUZZONI’s products are ordered from and an agreement is confirmed via BRUZZONI’s e-mail sent to the e-mail address submitted when confirming the order.

By making an order, you enter into the following agreement.

The swedish personal data act (pul)

We only store customer information to be able to fully track your order. We work in accordance to the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL), which came into effect in 1998. If you wish to change, print, or delete your information, please contact us.

Terms & Conditions

Production and delivery



We have chosen to work with TTI – They have more than 25 years of experience producing high-tech products. In their portfolio, you will find brands like AEG, RYOBI, Milwaukee, Homelite, Empire and many more. Using their advanced laboratory, they test material for water, drip, sound, and on/off to ensure that the product is of the highest quality. We also have an external quality inspector who works to ensure that the quality and delivery works as planned.


We ship internationally and have chosen to work with DirectLink as our shipping specialist. Their international express delivery includes global shipping by air, road, sea, and railway and is a perfect fit for our business. DirectLink also offers a simple but powerful tracking service, enabling our customers to track their deliveries. This is another reason why DirectLink are delivering our products.



General – Terms & Conditions


These terms regulate the relationship between the subscriber and BRUZZONI.

The subscription

The contents of the subscription are specified in the signed confirmation.

Contract period for the subscription

The order is not binding and can be cancelled at any time.

According to the Swedish Distance and Home Sales law (2005:59), the subscriber has the right to terminate the contract if the contract has been signed at a distance, e.g. on the internet, by notifying BRUZZONI within 14 days from the date the subscriber received the confirmation (“cancellation period”). However, the right of withdrawal will expire if the subscriber has started using the subscription during the cancellation period.

Cancellation of subscription is done via e-mail or phone, after which we remove your subscription immediately without a period of notice. However, if you have paid for that month, you, the subscriber, will receive the shipping you have paid for as your last month of subscribing.

Subscription with a set time

A subscription with a set time has a set start and end date for the subscription.

Money is automatically charged from your chosen payment method, and you pay in advance for the coming month.

Subscription until further notice

The subscription starts at the agreed upon date and ends the day you notify our customer support via e-mail.

Money is automatically charged from your chosen payment method, and you pay in advance for the coming month.

Deliveries that aren’t picked up

In case you don’t pick up your delivery, you will be charged 395 SEK for managing the return process, in which both logistics and transport is included. Deliveries that aren’t picked up do not count as a cancellation of your order.

Right of withdrawal

Note that the product is considered a hygiene article. Thus, the packaging must be unbroken and in such condition that it can be sold again.

This does not apply for custom orders or custom made products for customers using gift cards with personalised messages – name etc. Bought gift cards are not personalised by default – you as a customer have to submit this information at the checkout, or by contacting

You are entitled to 14 days of withdrawal from the date the product arrived at your destination.

You can’t use your right of withdrawal in accordance with Swedish law if the seal has been broken.

When returning products, the customer pays for shipping.

If the product is in line with the above stated items and the customer chooses to be refunded, we will refund the full amount of the product.

Withdrawal form can be found here:

Konsumentverket’s Withdrawal Form.


As a consumer, you always have 14 days to withdraw your order and get a refund for your purchase at BRUZZONI. For the refund to be completed, you either need to provide evidence that the product has been sent back to us or that the product has arrived at BRUZZONI’s warehouse.

The refund will be made by the same payment method as the customer used when purchasing the product, if nothing else is specified.

The consumer will be charged with the shipping cost for the return. If the consumer refunds a product due to technical failure, BRUZZONI will refund any shipping costs, as long as the technical failure can be demonstrated.



At Bruzzoni, your right to privacy and data security is taken very seriously.

When providing any of your personal information to Bruzzoni (Name, phone numbers, company name, address, email address, etc), we will never dispense or sell this information to any other external company, or persons, for its use in marketing or solicitation without your consent. We do however, reserve the right to contact you with offers and/or information relating to your purchases and in relation to the Bruzzoni brand. If you do not wish to partake in such correspondence, Please let us know. Thank you!


In case of defects in the product, BRUZZONI must be notified within a reasonable time (2 months) after the consumer has noticed or should have noticed the defect in the product. The complaint must contain details about the defect, making it possible for customer service to recreate the defect. If a product defect occurs within the first 6 months, the burden of proof is on BRUZZONI. If the complaint occurs after 6 months, you, the consumer, have the burden of proof that the defect was there originally.

As a consumer, you have 3 years to complain about product failure, and the product failure should be reported within 2 months after the consumer has observed the failure.

If BRUZZONI finds that this is a matter of a faulty product and that the failure is not caused by the consumer, BRUZZONI shall at its own expense rectify the defect in the product or replace the product with a new product. For valid complaints, BRUZZONI pays for return shipping.

Defective Products – Complaints

Contact us at explaining why you don’t accept the product and why you perceive it to be defective. We will send you the information you need for shipping. Always register your complaints as soon as possible!


For any disputes, we invoke the Swedish Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden’s recommendations.

Allmäna Reklamationsämnden’s contact details and visiting address:

Phone: +46 (0)8-508 860 00


Visiting address Kungsholmstorg 5

Hours: 9-12, 13-15.


BRUZZONI contact e-mail:

For more information, please visit the European Commission’s platform for disputes:

European Commission Online Platform (click the link).

Product information

We reserve the right of having typographical errors on this website, as well as for end-product sales. We cannot guarantee that images will reflect the exact appearance of the end product, as there may be colour differences as a result of different screens, image quality, and resolution.

If a product that wasn’t in stock has been ordered, the consumer will be contacted by BRUZZONI International AB to be offered a replacement product or information about where the product can be purchased. The consumer also has the right to cancel the purchase and be refunded the full amount if the consumer is not interested in the replacement product.

We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice. This can occur when there are major changes in exchange rates. Products in stock will always be delivered at the confirmed price, and if the price changes for products in stock in the time between order and delivery, the price on BRUZZONI’s order confirmation is the valid price.

For products not in stock, the price from the order confirmation is valid. For any price adjustments, the customer must approve the new price, or the order will be deemed as void.

Safety Manual for BRUZZONI’s Electric Toothbrush

Download the Manual from BRUZZONI here

Force majeure

We do not accept liability for delays or errors beyond our control, such as labour disputes, fires, war, government decisions, or reduced or no delivery from the supplier. We do not accept any liability for changes in the product/product’s characteristics when they have been changed by the respective supplier or that has been changed from other factors beyond our control. We are never liable for direct or indirect harm that may occur to the customer.


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